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Our curriculum at Country Christian School is chosen to give each student the strongest
possible background in the basic skills they will need to succeed. The core of our materials comes from the A Beka Book Company. Curriculum from A Beka is developed and written by Christian educators for use in Christian schools. We are not mandated to use any certain textbook but are free to choose publications and texts which present the subject matter in the most interesting and effective ways, while corresponding with our school philosophy. Other curricula used are ACSI, Harcourt Brace, McGraw Hill, Simply Phonics and Saxon Math.
Our curriculum is always available for parents to review.

Our Bible material is designed to meet the spiritual needs of all students presenting the main truth of the gospel at whatever content level is best understood. Prayer is incorporated into class time daily to introduce the students to the personal nature of God and His concern with our individual daily lives.


High-intensity phonics, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, and study skills are emphasized with the curriculum from Simply Phonics. Pupils are taught to apply the skills they learn to a variety of contexts geared to overall reading comprehension. Our goal is to give students confidence in their reading ability and a love for reading. Shurly


 Manipulatives, math workbooks, and textbooks are used to develop skills in mathematics. Word problems and application skills are of equal importance.


God is shown as the Master Designer through a study of plants, animals, insects, energy, health, and the five senses.


Our primary geography and history courses give students an introduction to the greatness of America and some of the great Americans from the past.


Spelling is used to apply phonics rules, learn sight words, practice sentence structure, and improve handwriting skills. Spelling workbooks may be a part of the spelling curriculum.


All textbooks are the property of the school; however, they are the responsibility of
the student during the course of study. At the end of the year when the books are returned,
the teacher will again assess the condition of the books. Students will be charged
a damage fee for excessive wear.

Grading and Evaluation

The marks a student earns are determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s
work and progress. Teachers at Country Christian School are committed to being honest and
fair in the assessment of each child. We hope to work together as a team in the education
of your child, presenting a complete picture of your child’s achievement. Report cards
are distributed directly to parents at the end of each quarter.
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