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The History of Country Christian

Our school was started in 1982 when Mrs. Florence Gause (“Flo”) opened a preschool in her home. Flo had experience teaching at Garden School, Sunday School, and directing Vacation Bible School at Riverlakes Community Church. These experiences prepared her for teaching.

Mrs. Gause's ten years of teaching at Carden School implanted a strong desire to lead a healthy Christian school. In 1982, she began a small preschool in her home with 6 children.  In 1983, Patty and LeaAnn, her daughter and daughter-in-law,  helped Flo began The Little Country Christian School. The school opened with 18 children and by the end of the year grew to 29 students! 


Flo with her husband Bob considered building the school on the Gause's land, but then they found the property on Dean Ave. was for sale. It seemed an ideal place to grow this new school and train young children. 


In 1994, Mrs. Gause incorporated the school as a non-profit organization with the name Country Christian School, hoping to add a sixth grade in the future. With diligent prayer and hard work, the school grew to include not only sixth grade but seven and eighth grades as well!


God is faithful and we thank him for the many ways that he has blessed and cared for Country Christian School.

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