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Attendance at Country Christian School is a privilege, not a right; and each student is expected to behave in an orderly and respectful manner, maintaining Christian standards in courtesy, language, morality and honesty. The following general rules must be observed at all times:

  1. Prompt and respectful obedience to all school personnel, including office, custodial, and

  2. Students should ONLY be in authorized areas unless accompanied by a teacher or with special permission.

  3. No student is allowed in any classroom without the teacher being present.

  4. Students are not to litter, damage or deface any school or private property.

  5. Every student is required to behave in an orderly and Christ-like manner, showing respect and courtesy to fellow students, staff members, and guests.

  6. Restrooms may not be used for loitering, running in and out, eating, or used as a group hang-out.

  7. No rough play is allowed. The “hands-to-yourself” policy will be observed at all times.

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