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Michelle Bassett Country Christian School Teacher

Name: Michelle Bassett

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

The Michelle Bassett Page

Debra Vasquez Country Christian School

Name: Debra Vasquez

Position: 1st Grade Teacher

The Debra Vasquez Page


Name: Tammy Fiddler

Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

Michele Turner Country Christian School

Name: Michele Turner

Position:3rd Grade Teacher

The Michele Turner Page


Name: Dianna Clark

Position: 4th Grade Teacher

The Dianna Clark Page

Michelle Gruggett Country Christian School

Name: Michelle Gruggett

Position: 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

The Michelle Gruggett Page

Linda Mazza Country Christian SchoolName: Linda Mazza

Position: 6th Grade Teacher

The Linda Mazza Page

Stacey Nikodym Country Christian SchoolName: Stacey Nikodym

Position: 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

The Stacey Nikodym Page

Freddy Marquez Country Christian School

Name: Freddy Marquez

Position: 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

The Freddy Marquez Page


Name: Gayle Pierucci

Position: Administrative Outreach

The Administrative Page

Jennifer Frey Country Christian School

Name: Jennifer Frey

Position: Administrative Vice Principal

The Administrative Page

Rose Merriman Country Christian School

Name: Rose Merriman

Position: Administrative Principal

The Administrative Page

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