First aid

All first aid kits will be stocked with the necessary supplies needed to treat a variety of injuries.  One kit will be located in the main office.



First aid treatment will be administered to stop bleeding, restore breathing, or prevent shock or infection.  School personnel are required to wear protective latex gloves (provided by the school) whenever in contact with others during first aid procedures.

If it is a “minor” accident, the student will be treated in the school office, evaluated and released back to class.

Parents will be notified of any accident involving the head, neck, or back areas and/or any “major” injury.  A representative of the school will stay with the child until the parent/guardian assumes responsibility of the student.

Accident report:

An accident report must be completed by the observing staff member for any accident involving a fall, injury to head, neck or back areas, or injuries caused by another object or person.  Minor scrapes and bumps do not require an accident report to be filed. All accident reports must be completed and turned in to the principal by the end of the school day in which the accident occurred.

Medical emergency

In case of emergency, a parent/guardian will be contacted by phone and be requested to come to school to pick up the student.  If a parent/guardian cannot be reached (and it is not a life threatening situation) the student must remain in the school office until parental contact is made.

If the situation may be life threatening, staff members are to call 911 services and then contact the parents immediately.


Evacuation Procedure:

1.  In the event of a fire, students should walk quickly, quietly, and orderly.  Running and talking are prohibited.

2.  Teachers should turn off lights and close the classroom door.  Class roll books must be taken in order to verify attendance.

3.  There are two routes of escape from any area of the building.  From each classroom there will be a primary route, which is assigned, and a secondary route if the primary one is blocked.  The teacher will instruct the students as to which exit to use.

4.  After exiting the building it is the teacher’s responsibility to take a head count to make sure all students are present.  The teacher should keep the students calm and wait for instructions

Fire drill:

1.  Every fire exit drill is an exercise in group control and fire drill organization for staff, teachers and students.  The purpose of fire drills is to thoroughly instill in the minds of the students the correct procedure for clearing buildings so that in case of emergency, it may be done with little or no confusion.  Great emphasis should be placed upon the execution of each drill.

2.  Fire drills will be held at least once a month. Teachers should follow the procedure given above.

3.  When the all-clear signal is given, teachers and students may return to class.

Earthquake Procedure

1.  Teacher should tell the class it is an earthquake and what to do.

a.  Drop:  Everyone should drop to a crouched position with head down and take cover under a desk or table.

b.  Cover:  Everyone should cover his or her head with a book or notebook.

c.  Hold:  Everyone should hold on to a table or desk to ensure maximum protection from falling debris.

2.  Teachers should evaluate the situation and cautiously follow evacuation procedures to a pre-assigned safe assembly area.

3.  Teachers should verify, by taking role, that all students are assembled in the designated safe area.

4.  Teachers should maintain control of assigned students until school administration determines subsequent action and provides further instruction.

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