Dress Code

Appropriate clothing reflects Biblical concepts of moderation and neatness. Country Christian School wants to create an environment that will promote learning and discipline. To help achieve these important goals, school uniforms are mandatory.

A prescribed uniform serves to externally equalize all students. Uniforms provide accepted standards of modesty thus eliminating conflicting interpretations of a dress code. Uniforms can create a team spirit and foster a spirit of cooperation and participation. In brief, uniforms provide neatness, remove “label competition”, provide an improved self-image and have been proven to reduce behavioral problems.

All students are required to wear uniforms beginning the first day of school. Students who do not wear a uniform will not be admitted to class. Parents will be notified so that they can take the student home to change or bring the student a uniform. Time missed from class will be made up as a homework assignment. The last Friday of each month will be designated a free dress day as well as other special days such as, picture days and Reading Round-up day.

For students who come to school in a uniform and are not dressed according to the dress code policy, a “dress check” will be sent home. The first violation is a warning. Subsequent violations will result in a phone call home and/or a parent conference.

A limited supply of clothing will be kept on campus for students who need to change in case of an accident. If a student borrows a garment, it needs to be laundered and returned to the school within 5 days or replacement cost of the article will be charged to the family account.

The students will be allowed to wear sweatshirts with a school logo or solid colored red or navy sweatshirts. The sweatshirts and coats should be plain with NO INSIGNIA, TEAM LOGOS, other than the school logo. They can be zippered/pullover/hooded.  Shoes should have a closed toe and heel. No clothing can be worn oversized. Girls blouses can be pointed or peter pan collar. Only JC Penny plaid will be allowed.

Uniforms, turtlenecks, Polo shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased anywhere as long as there is no emblem or insignias on them, and they follow school colors and designs as specified. Students are allowed to wear Cub, Boy or Girl Scout uniforms on days designated by their councils.

Hair styles and length that appear unkempt are not allowed. Boys hair length must be cut above the collar, and all students’ hair must be kept out of eyes. No dying of hair or wearing make up is allowed. Jewelry is to be moderate. Earrings of any type are not allowed by male students. Girls may wear one earring in each ear. No Tattoos (permanent or temporary). body piercing or fake finger nails are acceptable.

The administration reserves the right of final interpretation regarding dress, hair styles, and jewelry attire.


·  Polo shirts – red, white, navy, light blue in long or short sleeves.  (No stripes on sleeves or collars, no logos)

·  Pants – navy, khaki

·  Skirts – navy, khaki, plaid

·  Jumpers – navy, Plaid

·  Blouses or Oxford shirts – white, light blue, red, navy

·  Turtlenecks – red, white, navy

·  Sweater (Cardigan or V-Neck) – red, white, navy

·  Shorts – navy, khaki

·   Culottes- navy/khaki

·   Vest – navy


·  Polo shirts – red, white, navy, light blue in long or short sleeves. ( No stripes on sleeves or collars, no logos)

·  Pants – navy, khaki

·  Shorts – navy, khaki

·  Oxford shirts long sleeves – white, red, light blue, navy

·  Cargo pants – khaki, navy (with no zipper pockets)

·  Turtlenecks- red, white, navy

·  Sweater- red, white, navy

·  Vests- navy

Both Boys and Girls

·  Tennis shoes or dress shoes with socks. NO SKATER SHOES ARE ALLOWED.

·  Shirts tucked in and belts worn where appropriate.

·  Proper undergarments are to be worn at all times.  It is recommended that girls wear bike shorts when wearing the uniform skirt.

·  Earrings are appropriate for girls only.  May not be worn by guys at anytime.

·  Hair color must be a natural color (red, black, blonde, etc.)

·  Baseball caps are not to be worn indoors.

·  Excessive tightness, bagginess, and sloppiness in clothing will not be allowed.

The administration reserves the right of final interpretation regarding dress, hair styles and jewelry attire.

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