Discipline Philosophy


The kind and amount of discipline (correction) will be determined by the teachers, and if necessary, the principal.  All discipline will be based on biblical principles, e.g. restitution, apologies, (public and private), restoration of fellowship, no lingering attitudes, etc.  The vast majority of discipline problems are to be dealt with at the classroom level.

1.    Discipline is established and maintained at CCS with the intent to “train” each student (proverbs 22:6).  We desire to be fair yet firm, loving but not sentimental, and caring, not just “doing our job”.

2.    Discipline can best be defined as training that corrects, shapes, strengthens and completes the student.

3.    The first goal of our discipline policies and procedures is to help our students develop a Biblical world and life view.  Our desire is that each student learns to think and live Biblically.  The second is to create a climate that facilitates maximum learning for each student.  The third is to help each student learn to move from external control to self-control and, ultimately, to Spirit control.

4.    The goal of all Christian training is to develop a love for Jesus Christ and our fellow man that overflows into a lifestyle of service, humility and obedience to the commands of God.

5.    Parents have the ultimate authority and responsibility for the training of their children.  CCS views itself as one specific tool chosen by parents to be used in this training process.  Thus, CCS will always strive to inform and involve parents in the disciplinary process.

6.     CCS has established basic guidelines of behavior that should be conformed to by every student both on and off campus.  When thoughtfully and consistently attended to by each student, and properly communicated and enforced by the parents and school staff and administration, we believe these guidelines significantly contribute toward the student’s training.  In choosing CCS as a training tool for their child, parents should know these behavior guidelines and agree to be both active and supportive elements in their enforcement.

7.     The CCS teachers, administrator and Board of Directors are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere and environment at the school that contributes toward the student’s training.  Any student whose actions are not consistent with the direction of the school may have his or her privilege of attending CCS withdrawn by the administrator.  Additionally, a student who consistently shares and resents a negative attitude toward our Lord or His word, faculty or fellow students may forfeit his/her privilege of attending CCS.

8.    Detention will be assessed in 30 minute increments by the classroom teachers.

Love and forgiveness will be an integral part of the discipline of a student.


The goal of our discipline program is correction of immediate problems, guidance toward acceptable behavior, personal growth, character development and consciousness.  Parental cooperation and support of the school is absolutely essential if your child is to learn to accept responsibility for his/her own behavior and to respect authority figures.

We use a color chart system in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms to encourage and measure student behavior.  Discipline will be handled by the classroom teacher as much as possible, using a combination of rewards and consequences for behavior.  If a student is unable to follow classroom or school rules, the following consequences may be used by the teacher:

  •   Missing recess/special events
  •   Sentences of affirmation
  •   Parent conference/note/phone call
  •  Contracts/behavior charts
  •   Alternate plans of correction devised between teacher, administrator, and parents.

If these methods are not successful and a student is sent to the office, the following will apply:

First Visit: Warning

Second Visit: Note or phone call to parents requesting conference, at which time a course of action will be planned.

Third Visit: Suspension or prior agreed-upon consequences.

For the older children, second through sixth grades, each teacher will have a behavior log to keep records.  Each class will have their own expectation of positive behavior.  Inappropriate behavior will be handled with detention that will be held on campus during snack and lunch recesses, at which time the child will do school work.   After three detentions a referral will be filed with the office and a call will be made to the parent by the teacher.  After five referrals, a call home to the parents from the office with a day of suspension from school the following day.

Grounds for immediate suspension are:

  •   Passive or active defiance of authority
  •   Fighting
  •   Use of foul language
  •   Destroying personal/school property
  •   Cheating or stealing
  •   Possession of drug, alcohol or weapons

EXPULSION POLICY:  We reserve the right to refuse service to any child if we determine that we cannot meet the needs of the child.  We further reserve the rights to refuse service to any child that threatens, strikes, or in any way harms staff or other children in our care.  An expulsion for violent behavior may be made without prior written notice.  Furthermore, if, at anytime, any parent or guardian of a child enrolled at CCS behaves in an aggressive or violent way while on campus, it will be cause for immediate expulsion.

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