Weekly Schedule

·         School begins at 8:30 a.m. each day of the week.

·         Kindergarten-2nd Grade will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m.

·         Grades 3-6 will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m.


A student enrolled in Country Christian School is expected to be present and on time to school every day school is in session.  The actual number of days school is in session will be determined by the yearly school calendar. Students are also expected to attend, and complete all requirements for every class.  Attendance records for students are kept by the individual classroom teachers and reported on the student’s report card each quarter.

Regular school attendance is required by law and is necessary for good scholarship.  A student’s success is directly related to his attendance in school.

Absence due to illness or personal emergency (death in the family) is unavoidable at times.  If at all possible, we encourage parents to schedule professional appointments (medical, optical, dental, etc.) during after-school hours.  A student shall be excused from school for justifiable personal reasons, i.e. attendance at a religious retreat when the parent has requested permission and has been approved.

Absences for other reasons:

While we highly discourage parents from excusing their student from school for vacation, celebrations, we will cooperate with families taking their children from school for these occasions.

However, parents should notify the school office and student’s teacher at least 2 days prior to the absence explaining the circumstances.  A Pre-Arranged Absence Request form must be completed by the teacher(s) prior to the absence and sent home with the student.   The form will list the work to be completed before returning to school.  All assignments will be due the first day back after the absence.


A parent must telephone the school office, to report student absences by 9:00 a.m. each day.  If the absence is not cleared by a telephone call from the parent, the student must bring a note when he/she returns to school.  We will also make every effort to contact the parent.

Students are not permitted to leave school grounds for any reason unless permission from the parent or guardian has first been obtained by the school.  This policy applies to all students.  Every student who leaves campus during the school day must sign out in the office prior to leaving and sign in when they return.


Students are expected to arrive in class on time regularly.  Excessive tardiness generally results in lower achievement.  Punctuality is a desired quality not only in schools, but also in the world of work, which awaits students.  Students who arrive late to class not only lose the benefit of full instruction, but also disrupt the activities in progress in the class.  It is a goal of the school to reduce tardiness to an absolute minimum.

CLASSIFICATION OF TARDIES                                                                                                                Students need to arrive to class on time.  In an effort to curb tardiness we have designed a policy which includes consequences.  There are two classifications of tardiness:

Excused tardies – Automobile breakdowns, traffic accidents and extreme personal emergencies are considered excused tardies.

Unexcused tardies – Late carpools and oversleeping.

School begins at  8:30 AM sharp.  Students who arrive after 8:30AM must go directly to class, and will be marked tardy by the teacher.  If students arrive after 8:45AM they must go directly to the school office for an admission slip to class.

Consequences of Tardiness  K-6

First tardy  Warning

Second tardy  Warning

Third tardy  Parents Notified

Additional tardies  Loss of Recess Privileges

Tardy tallies will start over each quarter.


Severe Learning Disability:  Any condition in a potential student which would require a separate classroom, program, or staff in order to provide the educational services desired by the parents, e.g., Down’s syndrome with moderate/severe mental retardation.

Learning Disability:  Any condition in a potential student or current student which does not require a separate classroom, program, or staff in order to provide the educational services desired by the parents, e.g. Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia etc.

1.       Due to the fact of adequate staff, funding and facilities, children with a severe learning disability will not be admitted to Country Christian School.

2.       Children who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability will be required to meet the same standards as all other children in their grade level.

3.       Children who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability will be given at least as much individual instruction and encouragement as their classmates.

4.       Children with physical motor limitations do not necessarily have learning disabilities but because of the possible need for special provisions, these children will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Student health requirements

1.       All students attending Country Christian School must have on record with the school office a current immunization record before entering school in the fall.  Standard immunization record forms may be obtained from the family doctor and a copy given to the school office.

2.       Before the school will issue any medication to a student, we must receive written parental permission via a signed Medicine Slip (available in the school office).  In order to facilitate the general dispensing of non-prescription medicine (e.g. Tylenol) we have a form available for parents to grant a year’s general permission to the school to issue non-prescription medicines to their student(s).  This form will be kept in the student’s file.  No prescription medicines will be dispensed without written parental permission each time.

all medications must be administered by a school staff member and recorded on the appropriate form.

3.       A Medical Release Card signed by the parents must be on file in the office for each student.  (Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment, Physician information, whom to contact, etc.)

Medical guidelines

In instances where a student needs medical attention, the school will call the parents or the family (in that order) or will follow instructions given on the student application.

No staff member will be allowed to administer any medicine to the student without parental authorization.  All medicines must be kept and administered at the school office.

In order to comply with California State school regulations students who require medications while at school must have both a letter from the doctor instructing the school to administer the medication, and a letter from the parents granting to do so.  The doctors’ letter should state the students name, the medication name, specific amount to be given, the time, frequency and duration of administration and possible side effects.  The parents’ letter should also give the students’ name and medication name.  The medication must be brought to the school office in the original pharmacy container, with the pharmacy label stating the students name, medication name, doctors’ instructions and medication expiration date.  The regulation covers both prescription and non-prescription medications.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but trust that the added safety of this will provide your students appropriate compensation.

Communicable diseases

The following procedure will generally be followed when there is good reason to believe that a student has a contagious and/or communicable disease:

1.       Student will be sent to office.

2.       Parent will be contacted and required to take the student home.

3.       For some communicable diseases (such as tuberculosis and hepatitis), a doctor’s release may be required for the student to return to school.

4.       In the case of head lice, the student will not be allowed to return to school until all nits have been removed from the hair.  Students must check with office on return to school.


If a student goes home with a fever, the student must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

Example:  If a student goes home at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday with a fever he/she may not return to school until Thursday of that week assuming the fever returned to normal and  remained at a normal temperature during that 24 hour period prior to returning to school..

Student transfer procedure

If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw your child from school, please notify the office as soon as you know what the child’s last day will be.

Upon receipt by CCS of a signed “Records Release Form” provided by the school the pupil is transferring to, all student records will be forwarded by CCS.

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